Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Senior Consultant
Certified by:
Rehabilitation Council of India
Hony. Prosthetic Adviser:
Govt. of Punjab
Govt. of Haryana
Chandigarh Administration
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

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 Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Consultant, Otto Bock HealthCare India  
Sr. Consultant (Artificial Limbs & Orthotics)                           
Founder & CEO 
Nevedac ® Prosthetic Clinic                      
MediRehab Systems™                                                         

Otto Bock Certified Clinical Partner                 
Head Office & Clinic: 
1134, Sector 44-B
Chandigarh-160047, India


Telephone: 91-9814006829, 91-172-2623620 
E-mail: drvjsvohra@gmail.com

Dr. V.J.S. Vohra is available on  on Mobile No. 91-9814006829

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  Disability Empowerment by defeating Stress

Stress Management.... Move on Sunny, Create your own Destiny

 A presentation by

Dr. V.J.S. Vohra