Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Senior Consultant
Certified by:
Rehabilitation Council of India
Hony. Prosthetic Adviser:
Govt. of Punjab
Govt. of Haryana
Chandigarh Administration
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

Artificial Legs

Artificial Legs

Kartik is a young professional, living in Mumbai. He demonstrates how, in his everyday life, the electronic 3E80 prosthetic knee joint provides him enhanced safety and adaptability. This robust knee joint is designed by Ottobock keeping in mind lifestyles and living conditions in India.


In December 2015, Otto Bock invited Heinrich Popow, Paralympic 100m Gold Medallist and World Champion to conduct the first ever ‘Running Clinic’ in India. Over three days Heinrich worked with 12 energetic Indian amputees, teaching them fitness and running techniques while sharing his own inspirational story. All of the participants, as well as everybody at Ottobock re-learned the magic of determination, healthy living, positivity and working with our community.

Nagarjuna, an engineering student and a recent above knee amputee gives a personal account of the first day on his prosthetic leg.... Please watch this video and learn how a the patient regains confidence before exploring what he can do with a C-leg.


Prosthetic leg with hydraulic knee joint


South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius made history when he became first double amputee to compete in an athletic event at Olympics 2012 in London, and he went upto semi finals, running on his both artificial legs! Initially banned from international competition on the plea that the artificial legs gives him extra advantage over the abled bodied athletes, Oscar appealed against the ruling and became the first amputee to compete in Olympics.




Mission Everest! Ashok with his below knee artificial leg

Ravi Kant with his artificial leg - above knee C leg


Otto Bock Products are most popular in the world and has a worldwide presence in large number of countries. Otto Bock artificial limbs are available to fulfil the needs of all patients with professional clinical management.

Video clips below show the artificial legs while walking and negotiating steps.

Anuj walks with below knee left artificial leg


Above knee C Leg
For details on C Leg and C Walk foot which can also be fitted in below knee and above knee artificial legs, see video below;


C-Walk Foot

Energy and Comfort for Daily Life

The C-Walk foot delivers it all, from responsive heel strike to dynamic toe off to exceptional terrain conformance.

At a Glance

- Impressive heel shock absorption
- Carefully controlled plantar flexion of up to 12 degrees
- Efficient, physiologically-correct rollover
- Smooth transition from stance to swing phase
- Multiaxial motion to compensate for uneven terrain
- Stress reduction for the sound extremity
- Part weight = 480 gm Our C-Walk foot meets patient's demands for a modern, active lifestyle. People of all ages will benefit from increased function in a high-tech, appealing design.

Cosmetic Shell

The C-Walk cosmetic shell is visually pleasing, and a foam connection cap is designed to offer easy connection and disconnection from the foam cover.

Trias Foot

In today's world, it is important to maintain balance in life – getting work done and maintaining contact with friends. With the Trias® foot, you are ready  for these challenges.

At a Glance

  • Light
  • Adapts to various walking speeds and uneven surfaces
  • Smooth foot rollover
  • Safe walking and standing
  • Modern design
  • Attractive and functional foot cosmetic
  • Suitable for moderate activity

With the Trias foot, you walk with security and comfort with a controlled gait pattern. Instead of concentrating on every step, you can totally rely on your prosthesis system and focus your attention on your surroundings and companions. Trias foot adapts to all surfaces and easily adjusts to uneven ground. You can play with your children or grandchildren, stroll comfortably through the mall, or have to get to the bus, the foot adapts perfectly to the different speeds. Therefore you are once again more flexible and independent in your daily life.

Otto Bock Limbs gives Mobility with Stability

Old lady walks comfortable with below knee artificial leg

Terion Foot

Carbon fibre technology has so far been used primarily for the particularly active amputees. The Terion makes the proven advantages of carbon material (lightweight, flexible, durable) accessible to users with moderate mobility. The minimalistic design with an anatomically shaped elastic heel and a partially split carbon fibre spring supports the user with high dynamics and energy return in a broad spectrum of everyday situations.


The Terion is suitable for prosthesis users with Below knee, Knee disarticulation, Above knee or Hip disarticulation amputations who want to take part in everyday work and leisure activities.

Left photo shows an above knee stump. Right: above knee artificial leg has been fitted.
Left photo shows patient descending steps with above knee artificial leg. On the right the artificial leg is cosmetically covered to give a natural finishing.

Left photo shows playing golf with above knee leg. Photo on right shows Otto Bock above knee C Leg


Left photo shows a below knee stump. Right: below knee artificial leg has been fitted.

Left photo shows Below knee leg is cosmetically covered to give a natural finishing. On right golf is played with below knee leg.
                                          Trais foot                                            C Walk foot
                             Dynamic foot                                              Sach Foot