Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Senior Consultant
Certified by:
Rehabilitation Council of India
Hony. Prosthetic Adviser:
Govt. of Punjab
Govt. of Haryana
Chandigarh Administration
Govt. of Himachal Pradesh

Consult Dr. Vohra

Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Senior Consultant 
(Artificial Limbs & Orthotics)

Consultation Fee: Rs. 500 or US $ 10

Mode of Payment - Pay by Paytm : 9814006829. For more payment options Please click here

After sending the fee please mail following information to drvjsvohra@gmail.com, along with payment details.

Name of Patient: 





Cell/Phone No.:

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Age:                Male/Female:

Brief history of disability/ailment:


Reason of amputation:


Other medical conditions:


Height:                                            Body weight:                          

Activity level and occupation: 

Attach photograph and/or video showing the disability

Mail above information to drvjsvohra@gmail.com