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News Bulletin No. 1205


  A Ray........ This Abled Times ... Jyot of hope!

Otto Bock Certified Clinical Partner
News Bulletin No. 1205          Editor: Dr. V.J.S. Vohra
Disabled Empowerment and Rehabilitation (DEAR)
This issue has been dedicated to achievers, who inspite of their disability, are great inspiration and motivation for not only the disabled persons, but the abled persons too!



1. Triumph for Pistorius with bilateral below knee Prosthesis. "This  Abled" Athlete did it!


 South African "blade runner" Oscar Pistorius made history as the first double amputee to compete at the Olympics.


Pistorius, a double-amputee who runs on carbon-fiber artificial legs, circled the oval in 45.44 seconds - good enough for second place in his heat and a berth in the semi-finals on 04 August 2012.


The 25-year-old waged a long fight to run in the Olympics against able-bodied opponents and finally got that chance on a sunny morning in front of a sellout crowd at Olympic Stadium.


Pistorius was born without fibulas and his legs were amputated below the knee before he was a year old.


Pistorius said: "I was so nervous this morning. Thanks to everyone for showing their support. I didn't know whether to cry, I had a mixture of emotions. It was the most amazing experience."


Oscar was fully geared up for the Olympics. He is an accomplished runner, with four Paralympic gold medals, but he waged a long fight to run in the Olympics against able-bodied opponents. After dozens of hearings in front of hundreds of men and women in suits charged with the task of deciding whether the prosthesis gave Pistorius an unfair advantage. When his country's Olympic committee accepted his arguments, he qualified to enter into the games, Pistorius finally got his chance!


Though he knew his personal best of 45.07 seconds was not fast enough to truly contend for a medal, Pistorius wanted to be more than simply a set piece at these Olympics. His goal was to earn a spot in the semi finals, and he did that. He is a great inspiration for both - the abled and the disabled! He also competed for South Africa in the 4x400-meter relay.



"This-Abled" athlete did it!



2. Kargil Hero to Marathon runner with Below knee artificial leg

 Major D.P. Singh was “declared dead” in the army hospital in July 1999 during Kargil War. Almost a decade later, he returned as India’s first blade runner. He showed the world how the spirit in a true warrior can make a handicapped into a handy-capable person. We salute the spirit of Major DP Singh!


"There will never be an ideal situation for anything, whether it be sports, race or life. You have to cater for some sort of adjustment," "I wanted to prove that to myself. It is your mindset which shapes your vision. Your mind should control your body and not the vice-versa," – Singh is quoted as saying. Maj. D.P. Singh is looking forward to run a full marathon and represent India in the Paralympics. Kudos to your spirit!



 3.The Positive Man - Girish Gogia



Girish Gogia, neck downwards completely paralysed (Quadriplegic) yet on a mission to spread the Power of Positive Energy across the Globle. A man who cannot move an inch sharing his Positive Energy and real life experiences with people and motivating them. He wishes to touch a few lives and light up as many lives as possible around the world with his charismatic Positive Energy.


In the year 1999, Girish Gogia was at a beach in Goa to usher into the millennium. As a confident ocean swimmer that he was, one miscalculated dive changed his life completely. He says, "Since then I am completely paralyzed neck downwards due to a cervical spinal cord injury which left me with all four limbs non functional (a Quadriplegic), 50% of respiratory condition, failure of bladder, no bowel movements and zero sensation in almost 90% of the body. I wondered why I was chosen for such a fate. WHY ME?"

He adds, "Inspite of all the adversities and the trying times, I din't allow hope to cease. I realized that nothing was impossible it was all about the indomitable spirit & mind over matter. Through my trails and tribulations I discovered what I call the positive, passionate and the progressive thinking attitude, which helped me, excavate my self from the morass of life and look at life positively again. So, I thought that this was the apt time to act instead of sulking with my problems. I chose to enlighten others with THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING & change their perception towards life. As a human being I felt that it was my moral responsibility to share my experiences by which I can be a change maker & made it a mission of my life to touch as many lives as I can till I depart from this planet Earth."



Listen to Girish in the above video, giving a highly motivational talk to Rotary Club of Bombay at Hotel Taj. 


A Fighter says it All - Kuch Adhure Kuch Poore

This is Dr Satendra Singh's interview on the P7 news channel. This silver jubilee episode of "A fighter says it all: Kuch poore, kuch adhoore, Khwab Zindagi ke," was aired on 12 Aug 12.